What we do
The Riordan Company helps introduce inventors, who have products that fit our evaluation system criteria, to investors seeking to fund viable projects.  We also help investors, who are seeking viable projects that fit our criteria, to meet inventors with great ideas.  It's a two way street!  
Investors often turn to us for "the rest of the story" before funding business plans or joining limited partnerships based on the launch of a new product.  They soon learn to trust and value our opinion on projects they bring to us and also become confident that any product we bring to them has been thoroughly evaluated for viability.  They know we believe in the product or we would never show it to them. 
If you are an inventor looking for funding for a new product .  .  . 
Creative funding strategies are a specialty of ours.  There are many different sources and methods of obtaining legitimate and "friendly" funding for a project if the project has been determined to have potential and can generate excitement among potential buyers and investors alike. 
If you are an investor looking for investment opportunities on the ground floor of new product launches .  .  . 
At any given time, we usually have several clients with products that we have determined have potential and are in need of investment and or partners.  If you are an investor and would like to broaden your portfolio, give us a call, we may have the perfect match for you.  If you wish to not only invest but also take an active role in the management of a product or start-up launch, even better.  If we do not have a product investment opportunity that fits your profile, we will keep your request active until we do.  And, we will never bother you until we find what you specify in your investment profile. 
Creative funding strategies for inventors and investors
Inventors are not the only ones seeking creative funding strategies.  Savvy investors seek strategies to minimize their investment exposure in funding startups. 
The Riordan Company is unmatched at creative funding strategies. For example, we have helped both inventors and investors negotiate agreements to fund the manufacturing of an entire project through vendors who supplied the parts, assembled & packaged the products and supplied the first finished goods for distribution, in return for an exclusive manufacturing agreement for a set-forth period of time.  Thus the inventor or investor is able to get the product on the shelves before having to come up with any out of pocket manufacturing and production costs. 
Another classic example of creative funding is the use of a multiple source strategy wherein every supplier is paid more than they bid for the job, proportionate to their exposure and for a pre-determined number of parts, in return for supplying parts, raw materials, printed materials, packaging etc. "up front".
As an inventor, what are your options?
Let's say you have a great idea for a new product.  Your immediate next challenge becomes putting up the money to get the product in-hand.  Expenses may include material costs, production costs including molds, stamping dies, fixtures etc., packaging costs and marketing costs including brochures, catalog sheets, displays etc.  If you can start on a shoestring and "bootstrap" the project, great.  That is usually the best way.  It will leave you with less investor costs to pay downstream.  Sometimes, as in the case of a HOT fad item you require virtually all the money up front in order to get your product on the shelves as quickly as possible to take maximum advantage of the fad sales curve. 
Consider your options:
  1. Free Help
  2. Funding Your Invention Yourself/borrowing from yourself
  3. Pay As You Go
  4. Savings Accounts
  5. Credit Cards
  6. Borrowing from friends and family
  7. In House Funding For Employees
  8. Borrowing From Banks
  9. Lines Of Credit
  10. Home Mortgage
  11. Loans On P.O.  'S
  12. Borrowing From The Government
  13. State Funds
  14. Federal Funds
  15. Business Clubs
  16. Joint Ventures
  17. Limited Partnerships
  18. Vendor Financing
  19. Buyer Financing
  20. Factoring
  21. Bridge Funds
  22. Venture Capital
  23. Taking Your Company Public
  24. Sales Of Licensing Rights In Return For Parts Or Products You Can Resell

Each of the options listed above have benefits and drawbacks that must be weighed against the unique needs of any given product or project.  Many of them are stage dependent and will be a good choice or a bad choice depending upon how close the product is to being ready for launch.  We can help you sort it out!  
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