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We’ve been Inventing for a living since 1979!

James F. Riordan, President of the James F. Riordan Company, Inc., of Cameron Park, California, also known as www.Riordanco.com has been in the new product development business for over three decades.  Riordanco provides product, technology and invention evaluation.  In addition, the company provides product design, production of all types of mechanical and electronic products as well as strategic marketing services and assists with sales or licensing of products, patents, trademarks etc.  He has advised Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and individuals with respect to developing and marketing their new products. He has designed and sold fixes for Mercedes and Dodge Sprinter Vans (see: http://www.riordanco.com/our_products_catalog.htm#sprinterTurboResonator) and has built hundreds of specialty parts for vehicles and aircraft.

He has sold or licensed ideas, products, patents and trademarks to companies as large as 3M Corporation, Levi Strauss, Mattel Toys, Hasbro-Kenner-Nerf, Paladin Corp., Apple Computer, BASF Systems, Atari, Chuck E Cheese stores, Murray Kitchens, Kransco, Uniden, Omniglow, and numerous small businesses. He is presently working with 3M on launching his own latest product, the Neck-Notes™, a new way to gift bottled goods (www.neck-notes.com)

Jim Riordan teaches seminars on product analysis and evaluation both “in house” for companies and at professional gatherings. He has served as a Keynote Speaker at schools, universities, and innovation functions and he has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows and television news broadcasts.  He was  regular on the Lee Rogers show on KGO radio in San Francisco when he lived in the bay area.

Riordan is the developer of the “Path To Profit for New Products”, a 24 Inch by 36 inch poster containing 28 flow charts which depict every step in the process of taking a new product to market, from concept to collecting and protecting profits.  The poster is presently being used as a reference tool by Fortune Five Hundred companies, small businesses, universities and individual inventors.

Besides helping others take their products to market, Mr. Riordan invents and sells his own products which include novelty items, tools, office products, military defense systems and recreational vehicles.  His products have been featured on nationwide television news broadcasts, Evening Magazine, P.M. Magazine and in publications in 17 Countries.  He has also acted as an expert witness in product liability lawsuits.



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