Since 1979, we have offered our no nonsense 100% satisfaction guarantee that applies to every consulting session and every product or publication we sell.  
We will never waste your time. We have no "minimum" charges.  For consultation services in our office, you must be happy with the consultation you receive before you pay for it.  You must agree that we have given you more valuable information in the shortest period of time than anyone you have consulted with in the past or you do not pay.
If you are purchasing pre-paid consultation services from our website, you must be 100% satisfied or we will refund your money.
We will never knowingly take on a client whose products or services would create a conflict of interest with any of our other clients. 
You must be happy with every one of our products or publications after you receive them or you may return them within thirty days for a refund.
Many fly-by-night invention marketing companies and flaky patent attorneys, "never see an idea they don't like" because they care more about the money than they do the inventor or developer.  We care most about our clients.  We will tell you right up front if we believe that you have a great idea.  We will also tell you right up front if we believe your idea is not worth pursuing and why you should not pursue it. 




Over the years, some of the most important and lucrative agreements I have worked out between investors and inventors were comprised of single page documents and a handshake between two sincere parties, each of whom really intended to do what they said they were going to do.  Trust.  That is what our whole business is about and has been for 23 years.  You can trust us.  Our confidentiality policy is much the same.  Straight forward!  
We will never disclose your confidential information, ideas or intellectual properties unless you ask us to.  Without your permission we will never give out any of your confidential information to anyone without a court order.
We will never practice your invention or compete with you.

If you have a great idea, you will want to protect it.  If the idea is viable, then you will build a business and again you will want to protect it.
We are not attorneys, however, we always recommend the use of a reputable and competent patent attorney if your product has potential.  We have recommended Tom Lampe for many years and we believe he has always been honest, competent and fair.  That's a rare combination.  Here is how to reach him:
Tom Lampe
Phone: 925-937-1515
Fax: 925-937-1529
If your product is viable and you decide to build a business around it, you will also want the services of business attorneys whom you can trust to set up your sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation.  You will need them to review documents, contracts etc and to help you collect bad debt.  Once again, honesty, competency and fairness do not always go together.  Here are two we recommend:
David Becker
Phone: 530-676-6464
Fax: 530-676-5805
Email: Beckerrunkledcb@aol.com
Mark Serlin
Phone: 916-446-0790
Fax: 916-446-0791
Email: mserlin@globelaw.com

Our Web Privacy Policy
Once again, very simple.
Riordanco.com and The James F. Riordan Company, Inc, do not sell, rent or lease our customer lists to third parties.  We will never sell your name or information to anyone for any reason.
Riordanco.com and the James F. Riordan Company, Inc.  strictly protects the security of any personal information you choose to provide.  We do not collect or store any personal information which you do not ask us to retain.  We do not retain any credit card information once a sale is completed.
Riordanco.com does not collect any Children's information
All of the content and material on Riordanco.com is acceptable for visitation and viewing by children of all ages.  We have worked with many children who's parents wish to see them pursue their ideas.  We always act in a manner that is inspirational to children so that we may encourage them to pursue their concepts.  We will never post or endorse any materials that are not suitable for children and we never collect any information about them on-line.
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Visitors who use Pay Pal to purchase publications and products from us on line, please know that Pay Pal may use cookies to remember your product or publication choices while making a purchase as part of their shopping cart program.  Pay Pal is owned by Ebay and is a reputable and trusted on line credit card service.
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