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My ideas have sure been worth money and I hope yours are too.  The magic here is to find out BEFORE you spend time and money on an idea, whether it is an idea that will make you money.  I invent for a living and that means inventing for money.  Remember this: There are way more good ideas than there are ideas that make money.  So, how can you find out which of your ideas may be worth money?  
I am assuming by now that you want to invent for money.  When inventing for money, it is of utmost importance that you be able to identify winners and losers as quickly as possible so that you spend the majority of your time pursuing winners.  Trust me if you do this long enough, you will have losers.  The trick is to have far more winners than you have losers.  Then you will be inventing for a living and inventing for your dreams.  I have a thoroughly proven system that will teach you how to spot the winners and avoid the losers quickly. 
I share with you the following information about myself not to toot my own horn but to give you my background such that it will lend credence when I tell you that I know for a fact that if you want to make money, the first step you must take with each new idea is to determine objectively whether the idea is worth pursuing. 
Over 28 years ago, I first told my co-workers about ideas I had for new products.  Many of them said I didn't have a chance of selling my ideas or products, or making money with them.  They did not believe in themselves and they did not believe that I or they could "break out" of the wage earner "cage" simply by selling their ideas. 
Well, they were wrong.  I quit my last real job 25 years ago and started my own business to manufacture and sell my own products.  My dad told me when I was young that there were only two kinds of people in this world, constructive and destructive.  He encouraged me to be constructive, my mom encouraged curiosity.  So, when I first decided I wanted to invent for a living, the only criteria I set for myself was that I would never invent anything that was designed to destroy or inflict damage and I would not do any pornographic products for anyone.  I'm not a "dove" or a "prude", I just wanted to leave those products for others to do.  That criteria worked well for me and I have never broken my own rules.  Since then I have conceived, patented, manufactured, and marketed several of my own products as well as helping to develop and market many of my clients' products.  I have helped my clients make millions of dollars with their ideas.  I have sold my ideas, trademarks and products to small businesses and to multinational companies including 3M, one of the world's best and largest corporations.  Believe me, the thrill of receiving money for your ideas never gets old.  Inventing for a living has certainly made my dreams come true and I still love it today!  
Light Beer Mug gift box,
our design
One novelty item I invented and sold, which you may recognize, was the LIGHT BEER MUG.  This unique mug had a plastic base containing a battery powered light, which lit up when you picked it up, and made any beer a "LIGHT" beer.  I sold hundreds of thousands of these mugs, which people paid ten dollars each for, through chain stores and gift shops coast to coast and through mail order catalogs.  I also sold them to Anheuser Busch for their "BUD LIGHT" promotions, and to All Brand importers for "Moosehead Light" promotions..  .All with FREE promotion and little or no advertising expenses. 
Solder Quik mounted on
Weller soldering iron
Another one of my products which you may recognize is the Solder Quick solder feeder, a device which attaches to pencil type soldering irons, feeds solder to the tip, and allows you to solder using only one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold components, wires, etc.  I negotiated with a plastic injection molding company to put up all of the money for the molds, grew the product line on a shoestring, and in no time at all I was selling the tool to N.A.S.A, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Harris Corporation, Ford Aerospace and hundreds of small companies coast to coast.  Again,  I was able to get the product IN-HAND and SELL IT with almost no money out of pocket.  My products were featured on television and in magazines and newspapers all over the U.S.  One product in particular, was featured in publications in 17 countries. 
After the years of experience gained from all of the products I have launched for myself and for my clients, I developed a system of evaluating new products that can help you spot your winning ideas and help you avoid the losers.  I want to help you become even more successful than I was.  How can you do that?  By using my proven system for spotting winners and avoiding losers, you have the chance to take advantage of what took me 25 years to learn.  You can put it to work for yourself today.  This is not hype and jive, just facts and logic.  My system was developed because I recognized and filled a need for myself and for my clients.  We all had the same nagging question every time we had an idea."  HOW CAN I TELL WHETHER MY IDEA IS WORTH MONEY?" Certainly, there was a great need for a reliable and proven system, which anyone could use, to help determine whether their idea or product was going to be a money maker or a costly loser. 
Some of my individual and corporate clients were very concerned about revealing their ideas for fear they would be copied or stolen.  They recognized that they had to find out whether their idea had value but they wanted to find out WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE WHAT THEIR IDEAS WAS. 
The major concern when trying to find out if an idea is worth money is, where can you go to get an HONEST second opinion evaluation?  If your idea is not worth pursuing, do you think a greedy invention marketing company will tell you that?  Heck no!  All they want is your money.  They never see an idea they don't like.  Some bottom feeding patent attorneys are that way as well.  The good ones are NOT that way. 
Many Inventors have complained to me that they had given "invention marketing companies" hundreds and even thousands of dollars only to find out after the fact that their idea was not worth pursuing.  These people felt "ripped off" in a big way.  Some had mortgaged their home to pay $5,000 or more to these scam artists before they realized they were paying big money and would get NOTHING in return.  Instead of getting closer to realizing their dreams they were getting farther away from it.  Using my system you will be able to tell before you ever approach anyone whether you have a bad, good or great product.  And you will have the right questions to ask of those who purport to have your best interests at heart. 
I have absolutely proven that if you want to invent for a living, the number one secret is knowing which ideas should be dropped like a stone and which ideas should be aggressively pursued.  The second secret is knowing how to go about selling the good ideas and putting money in your pocket.  My system shows you how to do both. 
My system was developed and proven, over more than twenty-five years, to help my clients decide which of their ideas could make big money.  Using this system, my clients have experienced the joys and financial rewards of selling their ideas and products.  My clients have also avoided spending big dollars on flops.  Many have written to me telling me that while they are sorry their idea did not pass the evaluation, they were extremely happy that they did not jump and spend money on it. 
Maybe soon, you can join the ranks of those who are financially independent thanks to their own ideas.  You have a lot better chance of having a moneymaking idea than you do of hitting the lottery.  In addition, Uncle Sam offers you, the inventor, an incentive to help keep America the leader in new products and technology by allowing you to deduct from your income tax most of the expenses you incur in developing your idea and starting a business. 
There has never been a better time to get started on your own path to success.  With the incredible opportunities for inventors to market their products on the internet and through email, there is no better way to give yourself job security and make yourself layoff and recession proof.  All you need are the tools and direction.  And, you must follow through. 
Now, you can take our FREE on-line Initial Idea Evaluation and learn quickly in the privacy of your own home, and without revealing your idea to anyone, whether your product has potential to succeed.  If your product idea passes the Initial Idea Evaluation with a score of 60% or more, your next step is to do a thorough and complete product evaluation using our industry acclaimed, 36 point system "HOW TO EVALUATE THE POTENTIAL FOR SUCCESS OF A NEW PRODUCT OR TECHNOLOGY", available on CD to make a final determination of whether your product is truly a winner or loser.  You will use this evaluation system on every idea you have for the rest of your life.  You can quickly tell whether an idea has the potential to make you financially independent.  You can quickly tell whether an idea has the potential to be the one that will free you from your present job, allow you to fire your boss and start your own business.  And, remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REVEAL YOUR IDEA TO ANYONE, AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FIVE HUNDRED TO FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS TO SOMEONE ELSE TO FIND OUT WHETHER YOUR IDEA IS WORTH MONEY.
If your product idea comes through the CD Complete Evaluation and emerges as a winning product with a score of 60% or more, you are now ready to get started on your own personal path to profit.
This is where the fun really begins. Most inventors, even after they know that they have a winning idea, have absolutely no idea what to do next.  That is why we developed our acclaimed Concept to Profit System which walks you systematically through every single step of the process.  The Concept to Profit system consists of two parts, a wall poster and a CD.
1. Your plastic laminated 24 X 36 inch Path to Profit poster hangs on the wall and shows you every step of the inventrepreneurial process from idea to "I did it."  The poster contains every single step from initial concept through collecting and protecting your profits using 28 individual charts which will guide you along your own custom tailored path to profit.  Every "step block" on each chart depicted on the poster contains a number that corresponds to an explanatory text page in your Concept to Profit CD.  You simply use a dry erase marker to check off each step as you complete it.  You will use this poster for every product you do from now on as you invent for a living.
2. Your Concept to Profit CD contains hundreds of text pages describing each step depicted on the charts in great detail, yet in easy to understand language.  All you do is choose the next step which applies to your product and then go to the page describing your next step in detail.  You can print out each page if you like and you will end up with a guide book that is tailored specifically to your product and your choices.  Since you make choices along each step of the way, based on your specific product, you read or print out only the text that applies to your particular product, saving you an immense amount of research time compared to any other method available today.

This is the only PROVEN system of its kind anywhere at any price.  It includes the documents you need to file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in order to establish an officially recognized date of conception of your idea.  It contains a Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement that you will use whenever you have to reveal your product to companies who may be interested in purchasing your ideas or products.  It contains a Non Competition Agreement that you will use whenever you have to reveal your product to companies who may be interested in manufacturing your products for you.  It gives you the steps for conducting a patent search yourself, tells you how to decide whether to file for a patent or not and it tells you how and where to find the companies which are most likely to purchase your idea or your product.  The Concept to Profit system is guaranteed to be the best tool you have ever seen for helping inventors to make money from their ideas.  You must agree that this system will directly and immediately benefit you or you may return it for a refund.  Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!
There is absolutely nothing else to buy.  There are no hidden gimmicks.  The Concept to Profit system includes everything you need, and for less money than the cost of one hour of the average office visit to a patent attorney or marketing consultant.
If you are sincerely interested in selling your ideas or products, and you can see the tremendous possibilities and fulfillment that inventing for a living offers, then follow through!  ACT NOW!  This system WILL help you to achieve SUCCESS as it has myself and my clients. 
Once you have used the Concept to Profit system on one of your ideas, you will always use it.  From it you will learn life skills that will remain with you as long as you have ideas.  I hope that using my system you will develop your evaluation and inventrepreneurial skills such that you will be able to help others benefit from their ideas as well. 
Please take a few minutes to read what others say about my evaluation system and my Concept to Profit system.  It's one thing to read what I have to say, knowing that I am (ahem) not prejudiced toward it at all, but seriously, you need to read what experts in innovation and my clients as well have to say about them.  And, most of all, you need to take the first step toward making your dreams a reality.
Step One: Please, Take our FREE Initial Idea Evaluation today.  I promise you will immediately learn more about what makes a product a winner or loser and perhaps you may have a winner.  I hope so.
Step Two: If the initial evaluation indicates you may have a winner, do a complete and thorough evaluation using our proven and tested system How To Evaluate the Potential for Success of a New Product or Technology.
Step Three: If your product comes through the complete evaluation a winner, get started toward making your dreams a reality today with our proven and tested Concept to Profit system.  You owe it to yourself and your family.  Believe me when I tell you that it just doesn't get any better than inventing for a living!
I hope that you felt as though I was speaking to you from the heart.  I was.  Your ideas can change your life.  The next step is up to you.  Please be sure to visit our "About Us" section and see, "Bio of James F.  Riordan" and, "Our Projects and Success Stories" to see more of our own and our clients' inventions.  We hope you find them fun, informative and above all inspiring. 

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