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For those who are starting a new business the Riordan Company serves as a one-stop information and instant resource center. Jim Riordan, CEO of Riordanco has owned his own businesses and consulted to business owners since 1979 and he knows the right answers to your questions. 
Riordanco has helped many indivual entrepreneurs and inventrepreneurs start their own businesses as well as helping companies as large as Levi Strauss, Atari, Exidy, B.A.S.F., Apple Computer, Quantum Computer, Qume Corporation, Brunswick Corp and Pizzatime Theaters solve problems during their new product introductions.
Unlike large corporations that have numerous departments containing resources for every need, owners of a new business startup often find themselves up against challenges that they have not faced before and that they are not yet staffed to handle.  Riordanco has years of experience providing direction and solutions to start ups of many different types and sizes.  And, our team has proven results.
We will help you:
Choose, install or upgrade office systems, software and computers
Choose and install web servers and secure LAN & WAN networks
Develop and host a website
Establish a viable business plan
Establish a creative and unique marketing plan
Find manufacturers and suppliers . . . FAST!
Identify potential competitors . . . FAST!
Negotiate with suppliers, distributors, reps, customers, investors and government agencies.
Solve production problems . . . FAST!
Find your competitors' strengths, weaknesses and "Achilles Heels"
Develop and use creative public relations and promotions to build brand awareness and increase market share
Develop crisis management strategies
Find alternative dispute resolutions
Evaluate new products for acquisition
Develop a technology acquisition strategy to find and acquire new and profitable products to add to your present lines
Develop new products using the talents of your internal resources
Refine existing products into "new & improved" releases
Seek and secure funding sources

Please, give us a try!  We will earn your business the old fashioned way, with competence and caring!  For consulting costs, please see our Fees for Services page.  
Here are a few testimonials:
"Channel Distributing (formerly Silicon Valley Products), retained the services of James Riordan, President of Overnight Engineering, to redesign and overhaul our entire warehousing and distribution center.  In a short period of time Jim correctly analyzed our problems and provided senior management with a recommended course of action, complete with implementation strategy and budget.  The new design resulted in a 30% increase in inventory in the same physical space.  In addition, the streamline design of the assembly and order staging area increased productivity dramatically, enabling us to ship 50% more on a daily basis with less staff.  More importantly, shipping errors decreased almost 75% during the last 60 days (Less than 5 errors per month vs. the 20+ in previous months).  I highly recommend the services of Jim Riordan.  He has a keen ability to quickly get to the root of a problem, and possesses all the background and experience, along with the tireless energy, to solve it.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions."
Timothy R. Leary
Chief Financial Officer
Channel Distributing
"I have known Mr. Riordan for approximately seven years.  Our relationship has been both personal and business related.  As a San Jose Reserve Police Officer and as an independent businessman, I can tell you that they don't come more honest or capable than Jim Riordan.  My business started out as a two-person organization, and thanks to the marketing strategies and business development plan put in place by Mr. Riordan, my company is expecting to gross over five million dollars this year and before years end will be international in scope.  He is capable of all facets of business management and is an ideal choice for turnarounds, reorganizations, and companies seeking to expand.  I highly recommend the services of Jim Riordan."
Barry Rhein
Barry Rhein & Associates
"Dear Mr. Riordan,
"The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your valuable advice with respect to NetFrame."
Don Clark
Technical Staff
Walt Disney Pictures and Television
"Dear Jim,
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in 'smoothing' the way to facilitate our IBM authorization.
"Thank you again for all of your help."
Jacqueline Y. Beam
Operations Coordinator
"I have used Jim Riordan's services to source the original manufacturer of an electronic printed circuit board component, made in Taipei, Taiwan, which was used in a U.S. made computer/telephone.  He was able to locate and contact the original manufacturer despite the closing of the distributor's business in Taipei and the attempts of the American firm to conceal the identity of their supplier source on the equipment.  Through this contact my client was able to upgrade the equipment, and find a good supply source, saving thousands of dollars in re-design costs."
David L. Hodghead, Esq.
Law Offices of David L. Hodghead
Using his business consulting and negotiating skills to help the U.S. Department of Justice, Jim Riordan contracted part of his time for several years acting as a federally appointed trustee, (defacto interim CEO) of several businesses ranging from retail stores to commercial farming operations. 
More testimonials:
"To Whom It May Concern:
"Over the last several years it has been my distinct pleasure to work with James F. Riordan in connection with numerous federal bankruptcy cases wherein he acted as a court appointed trustee.  In these cases, Jim was called upon to run businesses that were in distress and to collect assets and negotiate deals for the benefit of unpaid creditors.  Although I pride myself as a good negotiator, I must say that Jim frequently pulled off the improbable if not the impossible due to his negotiating prowess.  In many cases, Jim was able to work out compromises without which the business could not have continued and he managed to work out deals that proved extremely beneficial to the estates that he was entrusted to manage.  I highly recommend Jim as a negotiator and a person who can quickly get to the heart of the matter, figure out a solution and execute it."
Mark A. Serlin
Law offices of Serlin & Whiteford
"Thank you very much for your help in this matter.  Your professionalism is respected and appreciated.  While I wish this had been resolved in another manner, I feel that overall this is the best solution to this case.  I could not have done it without your help and I look forward to working with you on other cases."
John Roberts
Bankruptcy Trustee
Seminars and Training
If you are new to product development and marketing, Riordanco offers two comprehensive and focused seminars on product acquisition, development and marketing, tailored to your needs, in our office or yours.
Inventing for a Living
Learn how to invent for a living from one who has done it for over twenty five years. Learn how to become an Inventrepreneur from the person who coined the term, Jim Riordan.  This seminar gives you one on one attention and will teach you skills you will use for life.
What you will learn: The many steps involved in taking a new product to market.
Materials provided: Concept to Profit Guidebook, Path to Profit Poster
Presentation time: Two full days
Location: Our offices or yours.
How to Evaluate the Potential for Success of a New Product or Technology
Learn the steps involved in the technical and marketing evaluation of a new product or technology which will show you how to spot the winners and avoid the losers.
What you will learn: Our proven 36 point product evaluation system.
Materials provided: Our industry acclaimed book and evaluation system entitled "How to Evaluate The Potential for Success of a New Product or Technology"
Presentation time: One full day
Please note that we typically book seminars months in advance.  Please give us a call for more information and pricing.
For Seminar costs please see our Fees for Services page

What Seminar Attendees said:
"On behalf of the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation and the seminar committee, I would like to thank you for your participation in our Inventive Process Seminar.  Your keynote address and workshop series contributed immeasurably to the success of the event.
Persons attending your sessions were especially enthusiastic in their praise.  They commented not only on the wealth of information gained from you, but how your personal warmth and sincerity were so apparent.  We were indeed fortunate to have had your expertise."
Jeanie Stromgren
Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation
"Thank you for making such an excellent presentation at the Santa Rosa Jr. College inventors' program.  I feel that we surpassed the quality of the past programs, as well as most of the National Innovation Workshops.  I have received numerous calls stating the callers' appreciation of such an excellent group of expert speakers.  It was certainly pleasant and relaxing being able to visit with you and Lynn at the dinner party that we enjoyed together.  Dorothy and I have spoken of it many times since that enjoyable weekend."
Norman C. Parrish
National Congress of Inventor Organizations
"Dear Jim:
As a follow up to your recent presentation at our Inventive Process Seminar, "Evolution of An Idea," we would like to extend our sincere thanks for your participation and share some of the feedback from those in attendance.  Your speaking presentation in the morning session received marks ranging from great, excellent, well-planned to more succinct:
"covered the most in the time given"
"outstanding marketing information"
"made me appreciate how being organized in everyday life could help me with my own inventing"
"best presentation of all speakers"
"informative and practical"
"excellent!  But slow down I can not write so fast"
"entertaining great examples"
"good speaker covered a lot of ground"
"As you can see, all were positive comments.  Reactions to your workshops, 'The Individual Inventor,' continued in the same vein:"
"too short"
"great information on evaluation of an idea"
"made me realize the important role of being organized"
"best (workshop) on learning tricks of the trade"
"would like to hear more from this man, does he have a book out?"
"excellent, good information"
The organizing committee has agreed that your ability to speak comprehensively and target specific problems with realistic answers make your presentations appealing and informative to our attendees.  Additionally, your flow chart, "The Inventrepreneurs Path to Profit," has been posted at our center along with information on where to order.  It is a highly readable and concise visual aid; and again, comprehensive of the subject and a valuable tool for the individual inventor.  Our immediate goal in Santa Rosa is to establish our center with practical resources for the aspiring inventor/entrepreneur.  Concurrent with development of the center, we plan to offer additional short programs with more specific subject matter.  We will hope to schedule you for those subjects specific to your area of expertise.  Again, it was a pleasure to host you and Lynn here in Santa Rosa; and look forward to working with you again in the near future."
Marge Milner
Executive Secretary
Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation
"The Board and members of ITM want to thank you for your time in helping us get our group off to a great start this fall.  You got many of us motivated which is one of our goals.  Your personal appointments since the seminar have encouraged some of us to move forward even further.  I personally have had a productive meeting with Mr. McGannon in Palo Alto.  Thank you also for the copies of your book for ITM and the Sawyer Center."
Joanne M. Kelley, Sect.
Idea to Market Network
"I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the informative seminar on product marketing.  After attending your seminar and actively reviewing the materials you distributed, I feel I can proceed with my project.  I now know what steps are necessary to bring my product to the general public."
Cox & Sprague Machinists
George R. Cox
"Dear Jim,
Thank you for coming all the way to Redding to address our little group.  We enjoyed meeting you.  I've already heard wonderful comments from the group.  You've given us much help and information.  It is appreciated.  My best to KGO bunch especially Lee Rogers, Mike Krasne and Bill Wattenberg.  Thanks."
American Mensa Organization
"I just wanted to thank you for the great program you delivered at the subject seminar on Saturday.
You can teach an old dog new tricks and I sure learned my share during your seminar.  What I especially liked was that you presented the information from a base of real "practical experience".  So many of today's seminars are not very effective because they're conducted by book learned experts and are devoid of that all important experience factor.
"I hope you don't mind if I quote you on the following:
Values determine priorities.
Priorities govern choices.
Choices dictate decisions.
Decisions generate acts, attitudes and habits.
When taken in concert these factors determine the consequences of one's life.
As for my product, I plan to utilize a lot of your advice and intend to try and license it to a large manufacturing distributor, like Hallmark Cards.  Jim, I hope you don't mind my staying in contact with you.  Again I enjoyed your seminar and plan to recommend you to a lot of my friends and contacts."
Bob Dendall
Dendall and Associates
"Our idea is a consumer product computer type We aren't shooting for stars, we just want to see what happens.  We just didn't have any idea about how to do this.  I feel now I at least have an understanding of this and know some ways to protect ourselves."
Mindy Atwal
Gene Wilson
"I feel good about attending your seminar.  Now I'm set to start developing ideas of my own".
Alexander Solomko
"I'm satisfied with the seminar.  We got an overview about the whole process."
Moon Choi
"It was wonderful, now I have a foundation."
David Paulk
"I began reading and doing the exercises on Saturday night (the 9th).  I'm so impressed (as well as depressed from time to time) as I work through it.  I told you after your seminar, how impressed I was with the knowledge (information) and experiences you shared.  Your book goes beyond that to the point that it is almost 'incredible' the insight you have gained over the years about the inventive process."
Jim Balanesi
Dr. Gum
Gum Pals
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