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We know how to spot potential winners and avoid potential losers!  
We wrote the book on it!  

We are your best choice for a real world product evaluation or second opinion because:
We have 25 years of experience evaluating new products.
As a one-stop shop, the scope of our product design, production and marketing knowledge is unmatched in the industry.  We have helped evaluate, design, produce and market products ranging from simple novelty items to complex electromechanical medical instruments and devices.  
We literally wrote the book on evaluating new products and technologies.  3M Corporation, which has one of the best product evaluation systems in the world, has repeatedly told us that our evaluation system has added value to their systems within several divisions.  (For more about our evaluation system, please see How To Evaluate the Potential for Success of a New Product or Technology)
We have witnessed many spectacular successes and a few spectacular failures over 25 years and we know what caused both.  

For Individuals and Companies

We understand new product development and we understand new product marketing inside and out.  You may need an extensive written product evaluation, which is increasingly being required by our venture-investment financed clients, or, you may simply want a fast second opinion.  No problem.  We will work with you in person, over the phone, by email, over the fax or by mail.  What ever works best for you.  Please know that your satisfaction is always guaranteed.  You must be happy with our services before you pay for them.  
For Investors

Due diligence dictates that a business plan must be scrutinized intensely for the smallest error in spreadsheet or proforma.  All projections must be not only quantified but must be backed up with reasonable expectations.  The investors we work with are savvy and understand that business plans are best guesses.  They call Riordanco to find out if the product or technology for which the investment is needed is both feasible and viable.  
The three most important "hard" questions usually associated with new product development are:
Is it able to be done?  
Who will care?  
Will it be worth doing?  

Serious investors and venture groups have no problem quickly judging whether the math in a business plan makes sense, but when it comes to trying to determine the answers to the three hard questions they often turn to us for the answers.  Why?  Because when it comes to developing and marketing new products, our 25 years of experience make us an industry leader in the invention and technology evaluation field.  
CEO Jim Riordan has saved investors and venture groups millions of dollars in what could have been good dollars thrown after flawed product ideas and marketing plans.  
Before you invest money in a new product, technology, or start-up business, give us a call.  We'll find the answers to your three toughest questions.  
Our 36 Point Product Evaluations
Our written product evaluation report features a complete 36 point technical and marketing analysis detailing both the positive and negative aspects of the product.  
Each evaluation contains a technical viability section and a marketing viability section.  
Technical Viability
The technical viability section covers: legality of product & sales, liability and risk analysis, impact on environment, functional viability, production viability, stage of development, investment cost, payback period and ability to reach the market.  
Marketing Viability
The marketing viability section covers: potential market, need or desire, aesthetics of product, potential sales, dependence on outsiders, functional features & benefits, trend of demand, visibility to potential market, ergonomic factors, stability of demand, promotional opportunities, durability of product, product life cycle, distribution opportunities, pricing structure, product line potential, service requirements, existing competition, compatibility with habits, lifestyles & values, new competition and barriers to entry, revulsion factors, returnability of product, protection opportunities, end-user learning curve, shrinkage factor, and training & educational requirements.  
An objective product evaluation is the very first step to take after you get an idea.  You must objectively evaluate every idea BEFORE you start spending ANY money on it.  
If you would like to know whether your product is a winner or a loser but you do not want to reveal the idea to anyone, no problem.  The first step is to take our FREE Initial Idea Evaluation found on our site.  If your product passes the initial evaluation with a score of 60% or higher, your second step is to do a complete and thorough product evaluation using our proven and highly acclaimed system How To Evaluate the Potential for Success of a New Product or Technology.  For more information, Please see Your Ideas May be Worth Money.
Do NOT trust sleazy or fraudulent invention marketing companies to ever do a real product evaluation for you.  They are interested only in your money and every product they see will always be a "winner" .  .  .  so long as you are paying them big dollars.  How do you tell the good from the bad?  That's easy, references!  What will the good ones do?  Give you references.  What will the sleazy ones do?  Give you a lame excuse like, "we can't give out their names for confidentiality purposes."   That is the oldest BS line in the business.  Lots of our individual and corporate clients demand confidentiality, but there are also many who will act as references for us because we helped them realize their dreams.  Want to find the REALLY sleazy ones?  Just ask them for proof that ONE person has made more than ONE dollar from a product they marketed.  Riordan Co's CEO Jim Riordan worked with several states' Attorney's General to draft the disclosure language that some of the worst offenders must now use in their contracts after state agencies took action against them.  Read the contracts carefully!  Some of these sleazy companies have made millions of dollars from inventors without ever getting one single product to market!  
What our Clients say:
"Thank you for your advice on this proposal.  We agree with you and have decided not to pursue it.  As always, your information was right on target.  Your services have become a real asset to The Capital Institute.  Your company has already helped us to avoid several investments which appeared, on the surface, to be worthwhile, but, after your analysis, were shown to be inappropriate for our investors.  On the other hand, your suggestions for product improvements and marketing strategies have helped to expand the horizons of our present projects.  We consider The Riordan Company to be a most valuable source of information, and we plan to increase the use of your services as an integral part of our investment review department."  
The Capital Institute
Bruce J.  Blechman
"I am writing this to let you know how instrumental you have been in the refining and conceptual development of my cardiac device.  Your ability to grasp the principles governing the functioning of my device and to assist me in an innovative approach to troubleshooting such a complex, specialized medical design is quite remarkable.  I value your expertise in patent law.  Additionally, I have found your ability to think creatively about alternative ways to approach development of my design to absolutely invaluable!  I have a lot of confidence in your professional judgment.  Thanks again for your help!  I will be certain to refer other clients to you as the opportunity arises."  
Esther Roberts, R.N.  , B.S.N.  
"Dear Jim,
"Thank you for your review of the RTC business plan.  Your summary was excellent as always."  
Gary R.  Moore
Investment manager
Iowa Product Development Corporation
Iowa Department of Economic Development
For more testimonials on our product evaluation system, Please see How To Evaluate the Potential for Success of a New Product or Technology
We invite you to take a few moments to review examples of our work along with testimonials from our clients.  We hope you find them interesting.  Please see our Inventor Assistance section where you will find Idea and Invention Marketing examples and testimonials.  Then, take a look at our About Us section and visit Our Projects and Success Stories and the Bio of James F.  Riordan, Inventions, Trademarks and Patents.  
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