Fees For Services
We work in several ways.
Get help and answers fast with our guaranteed, consulting services. We will work with you over the phone or in person. We have been in the business since 1979 and we have the answers. We guarantee it. You must agree that we have given you the most valuable information within the shortest time of anyone else you have spoken with or your money back! Period!

Request Consultation
You can request a consultation with our company for $150/hour.
Please select the amount of consultation time you would like below.

We will provide our opinion of the potential for success of your product or concept at our first meeting so that we can offer you an objective view of the potential for success of your invention.
  1. At the end of our evaluation, if the product appears to have potential, and if we believe we can be instrumental in helping you to maximize the potential for success of your invention, we will work on an hourly consulting fee basis* or;
  2. We will accept an equity position in a company or;
  3. We will accept a combination of both consulting fees* and equity.
  4. In some cases our company will license products from developers.

We do not have a minimum fee. We charge only for the actual time you need. To make the most of our services please be prepared with a list of questions before contacting us. Be prepared to leave with a lengthy to-do list!
We have been in business since 1979. We are considered to be among the leading experts in the U.S for product development and have literally written the book on product evaluation.
Your satisfaction with our consulting is guaranteed.
Consulting Services
Product evaluation.  Before the evaluation begins we will sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. A typical first consultation for a product or project evaluation can last from one hour to three hours depending upon our findings.
Marketing.  Strategic market planning, second opinions, general marketing consulting and public relations services.
Sales training.  Whether you are telemarketing a simple product or making in-person sales calls with a complex or expensive product or service, our sales training program will increase your sales immediately. Guaranteed! Programs are tailored specifically to your needs and quoted on an individual basis*.
Product design and design reviews.  New product design concepts, product design brainstorming, redesign, retrofits and "emergency saves."
Graphic design.  Brochures, packaging, logos, technical literature, website design copy writing, proofreading or copy editing.
General management and business consulting.  Providing direction and assistance with new business startup functions including funding strategies, staff development, facility planning and general business consulting. In our equity relationships, we can offer some tactical involvement i.e.: setting appointments, negotiating terms, etc.
Prototype Fabrication.  Our fabrication facilities are capable of building prototypes of anything. That's right, anything! We are your "one stop proto shop". We develop solid works drawings, auto cad drawings, SLA models, CNC machining ops, precision welding, sheet metal fabrication, composite parts fabrication, printed circuit board fabrication and final assembly of complex electro-mechanical devices. We have experience with electronic, optical and pneumatic devices and controllers. We understand all facets of product design from concept to high volume production. And we will build prototypes from "works like" to "works like/Looks like" , so your finished product will be just that...A finished product! "Whole project" estimates gladly provided.
Video/DVD production.  We provide simple product "show and tell" videos all the way through broadcast quality commercial spots. Quotes for 1/2 day and full day rates gladly provided. Rates will vary based on customer requirements, equipment needed and personnel needed.

All travel time to and from a client's facility is billed portal to portal at the standard hourly rate applicable to those services.  All air travel is booked first class.
We do not charge mileage.
Out of pocket costs for travel, lodging and meals are in addition to our hourly rates.
All hourly rates are per person.
Yes, we do sometimes trade our services for stock.

All of our products and services are satisfaction guaranteed.  Please see Our Guarantee page.
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