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Get help and answers fast with our guaranteed, consulting services. We will work with you over the phone or in person. We have been in the business since 1979 and we have the answers. We guarantee it. You must agree that we have given you the most valuable information within the shortest time of anyone else you have spoken with or your money back! Period!


For Inventors
We provide a full range of professional services to help the inventor get from "Idea to I did it," including, in some cases, finding investors for part or all of a project.  We have been helping inventors make their dreams come true for many years.  We may be able to help you make money from your ideas. 
Are your ideas worth money?  Ours sure have been.  Ever made $65,000.00 for one (honest) days work?  CEO James F.  Riordan has.  Riordan is the originator of the term "Inventrepreneur", which he coined in the 1980's and which has since become a buzzword used to describe a person who uses a combination of inventive and entrepreneurial skill sets to achieve success.  Riordan is the author of the "Complete Product Evaluation System" which is considered by industry leaders to be the best and most comprehensive system ever developed for product evaluation. 
Riordan also developed the "Path to Profit" poster to show Inventrepreneurs all the steps necessary to take their inventions from idea to market. 
If you have good ideas and you are serious about seeing them on the market and making money, we are serious about helping you to get there.  And, we are dedicated to teaching you the skills necessary to help you "invent for a living" for the rest of your life.  Please take a look at our Inventor Assistance and Idea and Invention Marketing sections for some examples of our work.  And, be sure to try out our FREE Initial Idea Evaluation before you leave!  It's the first step on your own path to profit.
For Corporations
We provide product design services, product design reviews, prototype development, strategic marketing services, innovation seminars and other professional management consulting services including expert witness testimony on product design related issues.  Please see Our Projects and Success Stories section for examples of our work.
For Investors
We provide product-based investment analysis, product design reviews, second opinions on business plan marketing strategies, market research, innovation seminars and expert witness services on product viability and design related issues.  We also match investors seeking unique and exciting opportunities with pre-screened inventors seeking funding for products and projects with potential. 
Why Come to Us?
Because we are one of the most respected and successful companies in the United States as measured by the number of clients who have refined their products or made money using our services.  Our company understands every aspect of taking a product from idea to "I did It".  From novelty products to aircraft, we understand mechanical design, electro mechanical design, electronics, manufacturing processes including CNC turning and milling, injection molding, thermoforming, extruding and casting.  We have years of experience in fabrication, packaging, marketing and distribution.  We have worked on all types of products from heavy weapons systems to medical equipment, to chemical products to recreational vehicles, toys and novelty items.  Over our many years in the innovation and product development business we have formed a team of reliable, honest and competent expert and professional associates with whom we work to provide solutions for every product development or marketing challenge.  We know and we care!  .  .  .  That's why our clients choose us. 
Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you find it informative and fun!  It is an image rich site and therefore may take a little more time to load on some systems.  We hope you will find our content to be worth the wait.  Please visit Our projects and success stories section to review some of our special projects and success stories complete with testimonials.